MuConnect 2.0

Stronger Neodymium Magnets | Universal Cable | 18 Karat Gold Plated Tips

Stronger Neodymium Magnets | Universal Cable for microUSB/iOS/Type-C Devices | 18 Karat Gold Plated Pins

Available on Indiegogo!

Available on Indiegogo!
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NextGen Framework

Stronger Magnet

MuConnect 2.0 is equipped with bigger and stronger Neodymium 52 magnets which stay connected even while using your phone.

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NextGen Framework

Cross Compatiability

Universal cable for all kinds of devices. Use same cable with respective microUSB/iOS/Type-C pins.

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NextGen Framework

Data Protection and Fast Charging

Protect your data from being stolen and charge your device twice as fast when charging from laptops or public USB ports.

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How it works!


Plug the pin into your device socket


Charge your phone with ease


Switch between 2x Mode and Data Sync



With μConnect now you can plug-in your microUSB in any direction

Dust Protection

The pin prevents dust from entering the charging port

Fast Charging Mode

Supports faster charging when connected to laptops and cars

Data Sync

Supports data synchronization with all USB ports

Cross Compatible

Universal cable that caters to all your devices ( Android, iOS and Type-C)

Easy plug/detach

Enables you to charge your phone with just one hand

Data Protection

Protects data from unauthorised access, when charging from a public port

Micro USB/ Lightning/ Type-C

18K gold plated magnetic pins are available for Android, iOS and Type-C

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"MuConnect Connector Adds Fast, Safe and Magnetic Charging to Your Existing MicroUSB or Lightning Cable" - Gadgetsin

"Muconnect: This gadget will ensure that your phone is always charged" - Economic Times

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