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Product Development Update

Wow. It has been a really hectic last two months. We have gained a lot of experience while working to get the best quality product to our backers. Kudos to the manufacturers and suppliers who have been working with us closely, giving their valuable inputs to the project to make it better and more exquisite. Being a startup consisting of first-timers, the last few months have helped us to mature in a more robust organisation accumulating a wide array of skills into product design, manufacturing, marketing etc.

As we mentioned in our previous updates, we finished tooling for some components and the others - switch and plastic cover - are expected to be finished soon. After much contemplation, keeping the ergonomics and ease of use in mind, we made a few changes in the switch design. The switch has been changed from horizontal to vertical while the whole length of the product has increased to about 22 mm. The vertical switch is easy to operate and more user-friendly. MuConnect is still a one-of-a-kind design with its small size while still maintaining all its unique features.

wv8pmxgvenwukkct6tpt Several of our backers have been asking us about a lite version of MuConnect. Seeing that there has been a lot of interest in normal magnetic connectors, we went ahead with a new device.

We would like to introduce MuConnect Zero which is a magnetic connector without fast charging and anti data theft features. You can find the video demonstration of MuConnect Zero. MuConnect Zero has been thoroughly tested for its magnetic strength, charging and data transfer functionality. Please note that these are just the initial samples. For production, we are working to direct the LED light properly through the LED hole.

In case you are interested in MuConnect Zero, you can order these separately by selecting the Limited MuConnect Zero perk on Indiegogo.


  1. Will this be available for an Android "type c" charger?

  2. Joel Eduardo Centeno Sánchez April 17 2017 21:58

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